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    cotton/hemp mix Cloths

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    50/50 hemp/cottone hats

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    cotton/hemp mix hats

    Special Offers

    50/50 hemp/cottone hats

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Villagers Handicraft was established as an economical development project with it’s main objective of providing job for urban and village woman having low income who are bound to stay within the boundary of their house. As this organization is providing job for approximately 50 urban and village woman and has already provided training for more than 100 people in several parts of the country. Based on its sound business principles. It’s sales are competing with similar products in domestic as well as in international market both in quality and the cost. Export of the best quality handicraft gives these woman pride in the Nepalese handicraft, a chance to work in a co-operative way and better position in home and society creating a new awareness of the outside World.

From the early days of its establishment Villagers Handicraft is utilizing the natural fibers as much as possible for making different kind of handicraft products. In this way, we strongly believe that they will soon start to understand the importance of the nature and the eco-friendly products.


Buying some of the products from VILLAGERS HANDICRAFT,

You are helping us in different ways such as:


  • Eco friendly products-a gift of natural.
  • Co-operative way of producing the products.
  • Overhaul development of the economic status of the local craftsmen.
  • Helping the poor and least privileged villagers from the remote areas.
  • Introducing local and ethnic products to the outside world.
  • Make use other natural resources.
  • A new awareness of the gift of nature and environmental aspects.
  • Local and traditional skill development program. (Ethnic products from the local natural resources.)


The Natural Dyes

We use the natural dyes or the vegetable dyes as it is popularly known whenever possible to keep the natural blend with the natural fiber. The natural dye can be extracted from different type of the dye yielding plants using different part of it, some example of which are given below:
Fruits : Haluwabed (persimmons)
Fruits-rind: Anar (pomegranate)
Leaves : Asuro (Malbar Nut)
Roots : Besar (Turmeric)
Nuts: Khayar (Kutch)
Here are some ranges of products which we are producing

Crochet Items

Various crochet products like caps, hats, bags, shoes, various gift items tops, vests, cardigans in seasonal color.

Knot Craft

A wide range of Macrame or knot craft products like – Knotted bags, Flower pot, towel hangers, purses, shopping bags, x-mas decorative and other decorative items.


Hand woven pullovers, cardigans, caps, gloves etc. for adult and children in classic design and matching color.

Felt Craft

A very old culture of making shoes, belts, clothes etc. from wool by Himalayan sherpa peoples it has been developed in many wide ranges from Christmas decoration, slippers, belt, caps, hats, bags, etc.

Garments Product:

Normally we produce the garments product also by above raw material. For garments we use leather also. We produce almost product at garments. Jackets, Hand Embroidery T-shirt, Tops, Trouser, caps, hats, bags, slippers, belt e.t.c.

Here are brief description of the different type of Natural fiber we use

Himalayan Nettle

Himalayan Nettle or Girardinia Heterophylly belongs to the nettle family and grows above 7000ft. altitude. Less privilege people who live in those areas extract it. This fiber, which is locally known as Allo and it, is as fine as silk when processed.

True Hemp (Hemp)

True Hemp or Hemp or Cannabis Sativa belongs to Cannabinaceas Family grows in the wild but it can also be cultivated. True Hemp has been used as the premier plant fiber from the early days of Human civilization. This fiber has always been valued for its strength and durability.


Cactus or Agave Americana belongs to Cactaceae family grows wildly in any kind of terrain. This magical breeding fiber is extracted by ethic group of people. Cactus or ketuke as it locally known is very much stronger than cotton and it is one of the most reliable natural fibers from Nepal.


Orchorus capsularis known as Jute is harvested with a hand sickle shortly after flowering. It is soft yet best fiber for making light decorative items.


Gisstouyn spp most popularly known as cotton is grown almost everywhere. This fiber has been used widely all over the world as it has been found very good for health.

Natural Fiber products

From natural fiber such as Hemp, Allo and Cactus exciting items like bags, backpacks, caps, waistcoat and casual wear for men and women can be made.

Other products

Kitchen linen such as tablecloth, tea tray and glass mats, lunch mats, table napkins, bedroom accessories, bed-sheets, pillowcases, quilts in attractive block printing in traditional ethnic designs.